Thursday, December 6, 2012

Good Will find, pan fried flounder, Sizemore surfer and I love baseball !

What do all these things have in common ?
Last Tuesday was my 62nd birthday and this is how they are all tied together !
First, my wife doesn't like fish. I LOVE fish but don't get it very often. But on my birthday she always make me a great fish dinner.
My son Josh, gave me this Grady Sizemore, Cleveland Indian surfer bobblehead.
Very cool !

My wife gave me this really neat little knick-knack.
 It's about 6 inches long and will go very nicely on my desk. 

On my way from work Tuesday, I stopped at  one of my favorite Good Will stores.I saw this this small bundle of cardboard sheets tied together.The baseball player is what caught my eye.Otherwise I would have just passed up this package.
Am I ever glad I didn't  !
It seems the USPS issued this set of 10, "Celebrate the Century" stamp collecting sheets in 1998/99.
The first one is the 1900's, then the 1920's, 1930's and so on. There are several baseball related stamps, which I will show in another post, but there is much more than that to this great deal. There were only 9 of the 10 sheets in this package, but each has 15 totally legal US postage stamps. The first sheets are 32 cent and the last ones 33 cent stamps. They total almost $44.00 in postage !

I paid $1.29 for the whole package !!
And that's why the title does make sense !

My baseball Christmas tree !!


  1. Very cool stuff. Big fan of bobbleheads myself so gotta love that thing. As for the Goodwill. I try to hit them whenever we are in the area of one. Have found some great stuff for my hobby room in those places.

    1. There are a lot of Good Wills in our area. I can hit at least 3 just going to and from work.

  2. I haven't done the goodwill thing in a while. I probably should. Happy Birthday buddy.

  3. Happy belated birthday! I love your baseball Christmas Tree! I've got to get me one someday!