Thursday, May 9, 2013

Meeting of the bloggers in Columbus,Ohio

Yeah, I know I haven't been around much lately. Lot of things going on right now and I'm moving !

Not to worry, my address will remain the same.

Confused ?

Me too !  More on the move later.

I did make it to the show at the Veteran's in Columbus, Ohio though.

I was making my way down a row of tables with my son and I looked up and a guy was standing next to me. He started to ask something, but in mid sentence, he looked at my shirt said "I guess you are !!"

Here, it was Duane from the blog Democratic Roadkill !

My shirt does does kind of give it away.
I got it at a small shop in Cooperstown.
Couldn't pass it up !
Duane and I had discussed meeting at  a show in Mansfield ,Ohio a couple weeks ago but I couldn't make it. He did hook up with Steve (aka NY Hitman 23 ) from Sports and More and checked out the Mansfield show. Unfortunately, I guess the show was kind of a bust !
I have met up with two other bloggers in the past. Harold, from the ex-blog Bluegrass Smoke Signals, and I met at a Columbus Clippers game, and David from Indians Baseball Cards, and I met at a Cleveland Indians game.
Someday we need to have a convention !!
The Columbus show was the best I have been to in a long time. I haven't seen so much vintage since the Nationals was in Cleveland ! It will be back next year. Maybe some of us can meet there !?
The above cards all came from the Columbus show and each one was a dollar or less !
Would you pay 25 cents for an old Beckett ?
What if it was still sealed in a plastic bag ?
Look close at the top, left corner.
This was the "free card" inside !
Now I wish I had bought a few more.
I have plenty more to write about and a lot more cards to show, but it's getting late tonight.
See ya' next time !





  1. Dollar vintage at the Vet is always great. Too bad I've picked all the Reds out of everyone's boxes. Doesn't stop me from digging again though.

  2. I agree that we need a meet up of the bloggers!! How cool would that be!

  3. It's really cool to put faces with some of the bloggers. Great picture!

  4. Unexpected free cards in magazines? Cool!

    Unexpected free cards in magazines that are of Pee Wee? Winning!

  5. Nice finds. Especially love the Hitters' Foes card and the Pee Wee Reese card. 25¢ for back issues? I'd be all over that. I love going back and seeing the hobby trends from back in the day.

  6. It is cool to put a face with the bloggers that you read. I agree that we should have a blogger convention sometime! Nice vintage cards too.

  7. If the National show is in Cleveland next year, sign me up. My folks live in Avon Lake.

  8. Sorry I couldn't make it! Hopefully next time....when I have a little more to spend!