Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pacific Ornaments Want List

After recently receiving one of these ornaments in a trade, from Greg at Night Owl Cards, I thought this was a good time to make up a want list and start trying to complete my sets. Maybe by Christmas time I will have enough to cover my baseball Christmas tree !

This is the 2000 version .I need the following ornament cards : 4,5,13,19,and 20

This is the 2001 version. I need the following ornament cards : 1,2,3,4,6,7,12,15,17,18 and 24

If anyone has any of these cards they want to trade please let me know !

A Night Trade

Greg, The Night Owl, sent me a very nice assortment of Tribe cards as part of a trade /thank you package, along with a couple other surprises.

First, a tiny Rick Sutcliffe Fleer sticker and an oversize Manny Ramirez Fleer Extra Bases.

A couple Mark McGwires.He was one of my favorites long before the big home run race and while I'm a little disappointed now, I still save his cards.

Jim Abbott is another favorite of mine. He is a perfect example of what you can do if you put your mind to it. I also have a collection of his cards.

Next, a very shiny Grady Sizemore Topps Atttax.He's finally starting to get his swing back but has a long way to go.

I hope we will see this guy again soon and back to his old form.

Then there's another ornament to add to my baseball Christmas tree ! Pacific made these for two years and that's another set I'm working on.

Thank you very much for the great cards !

I think I'm all caught up with trades for now.Now I have a ton of stuff to sort and take care of over my long vacation week-end. On Sunday, May 31st my wife and I will have been married 29 years ! I'm amazed she's kept me all these years.I don't go back to work until next Wednesday.Saturday night we are meeting up with Harold (Bluegrass Smoke Signals) and his wife to check out the new Columbus Clippers ballpark.I should have some stories and pictures next week. The rest of the week-end is all up to my wife ! Whatever she wants she gets. (almost!)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dealing with a NY Hitman

No, I'm not looking to "rub out " anyone. I do want to keep on good terms with Steve at ny_ hitman_23 though. Not a blogger yet but he does have a profile on Blog Spot. Obviously, a Mattingly collector, and also a Pirates fan but he lives right here in Ohio! A little place called Howard, down near Columbus.Howard would also be the hometown of Duane at Democratic Roadkill , another baseball card collector and blogger.Steve , David at Indians cards and then some and another Steve at White Sox Cards were among the first to start following my blog.

ny_hitman_23 saw my plea for Masterpiece cards and sent me a huge stack along with huge stack of Tribe cards.

Nearly 200 cards in all , below are some of the highlights. Sorry about the bad photos.We tried one of those "energy efficient" bulbs here in the den. The lighting is ok but not so good for photos. I'll have to make a change of some sort here.

A couple Victors including a green framed version.

Victor in a different pose along with A. Cabrera .

Some old heroes and some new.

At left, a less common shot of Bobby Thompson being carried off the field as opposed to the usual " shot heard 'round the world" home run ball. Yaz leading the Bo Sox in the '67 series on the right.

Three state cards with Sizemore,Blake and Pronk.

A Fausto / C.C. Co-Signers #'d 231/400 and a Hafner blue refractor.

Joshua Rodriguez blue auto 23/500 and Chrome Grady Sizemore copper refractor 476/599

Tom Mastny "52 Topps Rookie Auto

And last but, certainly not least, a black framed Jeremy Sowers auto.

Steve I can't thank you enough for these great cards !!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Masterpiece trades still coming.

Yesterday, another package arrived, this one from Dan over at Saints of the Cheap Seats.He sent a very generous stack of Masterpieces that will definitely help me fill some blank spots!

Here are some of the highlights.

Another presidential player, Richard Millhouse Nixon and one of the 3rd base masters, Brooks Robinson.

A couple Tribers, Grady and "Pronk" who homered in Columbus yesterday and hopefully will get back to his form of a couple years ago.

While I personally don't care for him a lot as a tv commentator, Joe Morgan was a HOF 'er on the field.

Speaking of HOF 'ers, here we have "Yaz" and Robin Yount

And my first short print !! Reggie Jackson in the love it or hate it orange and green.

Thank you very much Dan

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Masterful trade and a PERFECT game

Ed over at Roll out the Barrel, was one of several who answered my call for Upper Deck Masterpieces.

There was a nice stack of '08 Masterpieces along with ....

another nice stack of Tribe cards. Many of which I needed for my collection! Especially the shiny chrome Kobayashi.Thank you very much !!

Thanks to Ed and several other readers my 2008 set will be nearly complete already.(then I'll start on the parallels)

On another note,the Tribe has come alive ! At least they're breathing better. Two wins in a row. Also a perfect game in Akron by Aeros pitcher Jeanmar Gomez.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Keeping the post office in business + Cartoon for Eric Wedge

That's one thing the "Sports card collector blogosphere" is good for. A little over a week ago I posted a want list for UD Masterpieces. I only had like a dozen 2008's. 8 days later with help from 4 other blogger's, my set is nearly complete ! They will all get the proper credit as the cards come in. As an added plus, it allows me to get rid of cards I don't want. ( My wife likes that part !) Of course, eventually, I'm going to run out of trade bait and will have to replenish my supplies.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


No, this is not a post about Jackie Robinson's uncanny ability to steal the dish. Or Kenny Lofton scoring from 2nd on a wild pitch. And I did not just install a high tech security system at our house.

Some of you may know I work for a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealer in Sandusky,Ohio. Kasper CDJ. And if you live on earth or any of the surrounding planets, you know Chrysler and GM are closing many dealers. Chrysler made their announcement today and sent dealers a pink (obviously bad) or a white letter. Well, we got a white one !! Basically saying that they want us to be a part of the future and their new company.I really feel bad for all the ones who are losing their jobs and I don't know if this was really the best way to go and I certainly hope things turn around soon.

In other news , all of my 100th post free gifts have been mailed out. If you were on my list or requested one you will be getting it shortly if you haven't already. I also received a mailer from Duane at Democratic Roadkill today. It contained some very nice tribe cards and a couple stacks of UD Masterpieces. I'm also working on Masterpiece trades with several others.

Great Tribe win tonight !!! 3 for 4 ! AC, VM and Choo - all 4 for 5 .

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trading Ohio's Teams

Any day the mailbox is full of Tribe cards is a GOOD day!

These are a result of a trade with Chris at Nachos Grande . Tribe cards don't fit in with his Reds so it's natural trade !

First a whole pile of 2009 Topps Heritage

Then 2008 Upper Deck

I especially like the Jason Michaels diving catch and the Ryan Garko insert.

Plus two Target retro's I didn't have yet.

Thank you Chris ! Your cards are on the way.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cy Young Winners and why I'm Baseball Dad

Cy Young Winners C.C. and Cliff

Last year at one of the Tribe games we got a "Cy Cy" Sabathia bobblehead.Who would have thought we would get another winner this year ! Last night we got a Cliff Lee bobblehead to go with C.C. (don't really want to talk too much about the game itself !)

We did have good seats though. The two guys standing in the center are why I'm known as "BASEBALLDAD" . Josh,24, on the left and Andy,21, on the right. We've been going to Tribe games and collecting baseball cards together for 16-18 years now. Our seats were right at the railing, almost field level, down the lf line.We could have shook hands with Ben Francisco! We all had gloves but only one ball came anywhere near us and it was caught by, get this, a beer vendor in his strapped on ice chest !! He gave it to a lady close by who tried to grab it right out of his cooler. Probably would have lost his job if he tried to keep it anyway. Then, in between innings, some jerk came down and stole the helmet that the ball boy left on his stool on the side line. He left his glove and helmet while he went back to the dugout. After he came back and found his hardhat missing, he kept the next and last foul ball that rolled down the line.

Prior to the game there was a short ceremony to swear in a group of young people enlisting.That brought a lot of cheers from the crowd. (More than the Tribe got all night !) I do have a lot of respect for them.

Some stretching and running for Grady. He was pretending to be on base watching the pitcher. Then he would take off like an attempted steal.

Of course there was the hot dog race ! Ketchup usually wins and is in the lead here, but Onion came out of nowhere and passed Mustard and Ketchup for a victory.

Here you go Nightowl ! Keep an eye on your email, I've got several shots for you !

Here,K-Wood tried to hold it together but it was too far gone before he got there.Then the Tiggers got the brooms out this afternoon. I still have faith ! I'm waiting to order my World Series tickets !

2007 - 2008 WANT LIST



I NEED these cards:

#15, 17,49,82

Plus any parallels of all #'s

Cleveland Indian Game Numbers
1-12, 15-29, 31,34,39-43,45,46,47,49,51,52,53,55,56,57,58,61-65,67,71,73,74,75,
I have 2 gold cards - 119 and 154


I NEED these cards:


 Plus any parallels

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Masterpiece - Converting to sets ?

Sets, players or teams ?

What is the best way to collect?

Obviously, any or all of the above is the best answer. Along with all the other possibilities.There are so many ways to start a collection of sports cards, which is one thing that makes it so much fun. I have never been a big set builder myself. I stick mostly to Tribe cards which is more than enough to try and keep up with. I do like the thrill of the chase though, and once in a while a set comes along that catches my eye.1997-98 Pinnacle Inside and 1998 Leaf 50th Anniversary are two of them.

More recently Upper Deck Masterpieces has become a new challenge. I just purchased a Target blaster of 2007 Masterpieces, at half price, which included the following:

A couple Tribers , former President Clinton who threw out the first pitch at then Jacob's Field and " Pronk" who we hope will someday soon get back to his old form.

The "Wizard", half way through his famous back flip, and another former President, JFK.

Going a little farther back in history we have "The Bambino" and the "Big Train".These cards of the historic players are the ones I really like.

I'll be adding this set to my checklist ( I have about 1/3 of the base set with no SP's ) along with the 2008 set of which I only have about 15 cards .One I do have is an Ozzie Smith framed silver 02/25. Pictured at the top.

If you have any to trade let me know !

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cycleback Museum - Jack Glasscock's Autobiography letter

This is one of the sites I use to research old cards. There is a plethora of very interesting information here :

Jack Glasscock played for Cleveland from 1878-84.


John Wesley ‘Pebbly Jack’ Glasscock (1859-1947) was a 19th century baseball star, winning the 1890 batting title.
The following links picture his autobiography, written in the form of a letter when he was 82. The letter is four pages
(written on both sides of two sheets), which each link picturing one page (pictures no longer available).

“Wheeling , July 20, 1941

Mr. Don Bassingfelder
My Dear Sir,

Your letter at hand. And contents noted. I will endever to try and give you some information that never came out. I am writing out. I am starting from my boyhood. Our peoples was very poor and not having theirs at fingernail. My father was a carpenter, a house carpenter also. A cabin builder. He built a cabin on steamboat from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati. And of course when I got big enough I had to help provide. My dad was a good one. And I got to handle tools pretty well myself. We were Scott and Irish descent. We had no high school at that time, and I went through the four room we had. And also went to night school. I would work through the day, and play ball of the evening. That how I learnt. But I am telling you, this is how I got good. Well, I never worked work on Saturday afteroon, and we always had a game on that day. Well we were working on a boat. And Saturday some at noon. And I laid off and father come home that evening and told me the Captain told him. He said Son, the Captain said you would either give up baseball on Saturday afternoon or quit. So I quit. And some businessmens got together and formed a club. And I was lucky enough to get a chance. I was played (40.00) a month to play.
I started as a third baseman and our clubs played all clubs coming through here to Pittsburgh. And the managers of those club liked my playing. And I came to get out the following season. I went to Pittsburgh, and played two month. And theys disband. And I didn’t get any salary. Went to Cleveland, an independent club and finished the season. That was the year (1878). And the business of Cleveland got together and went with the National League (1879). I played third base that season. Well, the next year (1880) they decided to put me at shortstop. And there I stayed my career of playing in the National League. I was in Cleveland from 1878 to 1884. And went to St. Louis under Henry Lucas (1885). And got $1,600 for this work. Where I got only a thousand. I want to tell you what happened about this first month of (1880). I was pretty young at that time. I got word my mother was very sick and (not) expect to live, so I come home. After a few days he pass away. I went to club at Cincinnati, I think. And played one game. Don’t think I made a hit in that game. We went to Chicago. I came to bat with three mens on the bases with two out. Goldsmith pitching. He was a good one. And I struck out. Well, we went to
Boston and after I was told to go on the gate (Editor’s note: this means being his salary was a cut of the attendance, instead of a fixed salary). I never asked about it. Our Manager was named Evans. A high hat man. He would put our club up at a hotel and he would go to a better one. I didn’t think he new much about the game. We played 2 games at Boston minus myself. And went to Worcester and still on the gate for those there. Well, we went to Albany to play an exhibition game. I was put I again. Tim Keefe was the pitcher. And I made three hits off him. And one a three baser. That was the one time I was laid off for not hitting in all my career. Then Albany want to buy me, because I guess I maken then those three hits. Evans wouldn’t sell me. I often wonder what would have been my fate if that players put in my place would have done any hitting. He didn’t make a hit in the whole six games. I guess I was lucky. Well, I was in St. Louis in 1880 to 1886, and Mr. Lucas lost money and throwed up the franchise. And then the Indianapolis step in. The fans at St. Louis presented me with a diamond pin. And that fall when Lucas quit, I could have gone to Boston. Theys offered to give me, the St. Louis club, $7,500 for me. And the league stepped and paid us players. And no clubs buy us. That was done so no club to get us and sell us. That was the way we went to Indianapolis, under those conditions. I was three years at Indianapolis. And Mr Brush, President, he got the confidence of the National League. So he owned us. And when the year of 1889 came along, the brotherhood (Editor: brotherhood was The Players Leaguer, a rebellious league formed by players. It was eventually aborbed into the National League), we were sold to New York Club. I think 1889 was my best year as I played great ball. I made 209 hits. And ought to led the league but Brothers. Went to New York in 1889. Led the National League in hitting that year. And that year the Brotherhood and National came together, and I was kept with them. I had a bad year. I went to St. Louis under Von Der Ahe, and sold to Pittsburgh the following year. Was released from Pittsburgh the following year and went to Louisville. And throwed my arm out. Was release and went to Washington D.C., and played a couple month. And hurt my arm again. And that wound up my career in the National League. So you got all my life as a player in the National League. You can look over it, and search out what you want. I was up at St. Paul for three years with Comiskey. But played First Base. Never went back to short stop again. My name have always been Jack Glasscock. But my right name home was always John WEsely. But always been been called Jack

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Watch your mailboxes !!

At least half of the Free Gifts are in the mail. No particular order, but women and children first.I hope they all turned out OK and everyone gets the correct cards ! I tried my best to keep everything straight but you know what they say about "The best laid plans of mice and old men....". If anyone gets a seemingly blank CD or cards that don't seem to fit in with what you normally collect, please let me know and I'll get it corrected !

Tomorrow is a vacation day,have to pick -up Andy at Bowling Green. 3 years down and 1 to go. He's supposed to intern with the Chronicle, out of Elyria , Ohio this summer.Then he wants to work for ESPN (but I don't think that happens overnight !) Hopefully,things will get back to normal next week. Also, going to see the Tribe this week-end. Cliff Lee bobble-head doll night !

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Please see my last post for a slight revision to this story !

The story line changed today, so this is the end of another Crankshaft saga.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

REVISION !! CARTOON of the DAY / I HATE this kind of card !!

SORRY ! I inadvertently skipped these two panels the first time !

Is it me or are these types of cards just plain aggravating ?!!

Are they Tribe cards or Giant/Cub cards ? They certainly played with the Indians in the years they were issued, 1997 and 2009. I save these with my Tribe collection.But sometimes I just don't like the way they look with the rest of my cards.

I realize sometimes the players get traded or sign with new teams before the card companies have new photos, but do they have to (or should they ?) change the logo and team name ? When we have a great, new closer, I'm anxious to have an Indian card of him but not still wearing Cub blues !

How do the rest of you feel about this ?