Friday, August 23, 2013

Chipzzzz and a Very Lucky ebay Seller

The latest way for Topps to get our money.

Of course, no one is going to twist your arm.

2013 Topps Chipz.
Poker chips with baseball player photos.

I saw one other post on these tonight by
McCann Can Triple at A Rookie (baseball) Card Collector .

Here's what I have.

Here is your basic chip front.
And back.
Both sides do have a very high gloss finish.
This is a Silver Parallel.
Note the silverish  flip side.
There is also a Gold version.
In four packs I got one silver and no gold.
Glow in the Dark parallel !
These have a completely different texture.
The player image has a very dull surface.
The entire reverse got the semi-gloss,
 slightly rough surface treatment.
Here it is, glowing in the dark !
Right in the center you can just barely
see a small oval shaped area, slightly
lighter than the background.
That's the glow !!
Are you as impressed as I am !?
I'll admit, it does look better in person.
And if I was a youngster, I would probably be more excited.
Here is the Magnetic Parallel.
You can see the high gloss in this shot
and right in the center there is a small round impression.
That's the magnet.
All the chipz have a metal core and stick to the
Magnetic Parallel.
I do see the point in these. You could stick them on a school locker
( on the inside of course!), file cabinets or any metal surface for display.
The wrapper says
" 1 Team Sticker ".
The "sticker" comes mounted on a chip
from the respected team.
It peals right off and is actually
a vinyl cling type thingy.
There are also "Instant Winner" 1-5236,
 "Relic" chipz" 1- 1,047 and "Autographs" 1- 2,094.
Doesn't say what you can win.
I forgot to shoot the wrapper and the game board,
you can see them on McCann Can Triple's post.
They're OK. I definitely want all the Indians.
The surface scratches very easily though,
pristine examples may be hard to find.
On to ebay !!
Nice card, huh !?
Got it for $.01 plus $2.00 shipping.
It came shipped in a folded over team bag in a PWE !!
No other protection what so ever.
I was totally amazed that there was no damage.
Also got these from 2 other sellers.
The red in 2 of  25.
Francisco Lindor.
Our SS of the future.
And finally, a blue border TV
(sorry, very bad photo)
Hank Aaron !
I don't really care for these "TV" cards with blue borders.
But it is Hammerin' Hank !! 
Well, the Indians just lost 5-1.
Time for bed !!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Prize Winner !

Finally back to the 'ole blog after a hiatus to Illinois. I seem to be having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. Lot of things to do around the house, things not going so well at work and I really need to retire !

Ok, now that I've vented a little, I WON a contest !!

It doesn't happen too often, but I don't want to be greedy anyway. The baseball card blogger family is so awesome I hope everyone has a chance to win sometime!

Bert, over a Swing and a Pop-Up, offered up a Series II Topps hanger box to celebrate his one hundredth post. After the randomization, old Baseball Granddad ended up on top !

 So here's the spoils !

Bert sent a note saying he hopes I get some Indian parallels.
Heck, I barely got any Tribers at all !!
Cleveland just doesn't get much respect when it comes to baseball cards !
Oh to go back to the 1990's,  (next post !)
There's my Indian collection from the entire box !!
At least "Swish" was there.
One gold.
One green. (already in the mail to a new home !)
Five blue.
One "Chase it Down".
Three gold "Chasing History".
One more gold and a base.
One "Making the Mark".
And one 1972 mini !
Plus a whole lot of base cards, to go with the whole lot of base cards
I already have from Series  I and II.
Thanks Bert !
Indians or not, it was a great prize!
These cards are all for trade !
If anyone is interested or if you need any base cards just leave a comment.
Oh, I don't have to tell you guys and girls,
 you know the drill !
Thanks for reading !!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Portugal Mistake and More Bowmans From Texas

One photo got lost on my last post, which was a trade post from Ana Lu at Hobby Cards Europe.

This was important because I need
 the Kenny Lofton and Mark Whiten OPC cards !
Then I also got a package from one of our favorite Texans
More new Bowmans !
The Trevor Bauer is my first State and Hometown parallel
Purple and Gold !
Lovin' the Jason Kipnis !!
Thanks Brian !! and Ana Lu again !
Saturday morning my wife and I will be headed to Illinois to meet our new Granddaughter !  So I won't be posting for a week or so. Our oldest Josh really wanted to see his first niece, but he will holding down the fort here at home.
Hopefully I will be able to procure a few new items on our trip west
 and will give a full report when we return !