Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stealin' home - New kid on the block likes to trade !

There's a new blog floating around in the 'sphere. It's called All Trade Bait, All the Time.
Known as Stealing Home, Oscar is a Dodger fan and likes to trade cards.

I recently made a trade with him and received some really nice additions to my Tribe collection.

Here are a few of them.

From 1995 Score, a Gold Rush Kenny Lofton. I like the way they made the featured player stand out from the subdued background.

Again from '95 Score, another Lofton. Kenny won a gold glove in 1993, AL stolen base leader 1992-94 and AL hit leader in 1994.

Eddie Murray. What a hitter. During his brief stay in Cleveland Eddie cranked out his 3000th hit on June 30th 1995.

1995 Pacific Manny Ramirez. I love the old Pacific cards. There were a lot of very cool inserts but were way overpriced back in the day. Now, thanks to many of you bloggers, I can fill in a lot of holes in my collection.

Kenny seems to be dominating this trade ! This 1994 Pinnacle Select has a great shot of what Kenny did best.

Wow ! Talk about busy. Every time I look at this card I see something I missed. 1995 Topps Stadium Club Ring Leader.

And last but not least....

1996 Leaf Signature Series Dennis Martinez. At 40 years old he beat Randy Johnson in the final game of the 1995 ALCS.

Thanks for the great trade ! I'll be watching for more Tribe cards.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last Tribe home game and card show goodies

Today will be the last home game for the Indians this year. Shortly, our oldest son Josh and I will be leaving to attend. It's been a very good year, especially considering all the injuries. I feel bad for the Twins, but I sure hope we end the season with a victory. I would like to see Thome one more time so I hope he's the DH or at least shares it with Pronk. I'd really like to see them both.

After the 425' shot yesterday, I'd like to see Thome back next year. One final complete season in Cleveland, a World Series Championship and then he can retire !!!

I also went to a small card show at Sandusky Mall yesterday on my way home from work. Only about 10 tables, but I did find some interesting items. And cheap ! Most all of these cards were $.25 or less. A little more for a couple of the Manny inserts.

I think I already have some of the Tribe cards but I couldn't pass them up. Plus my memory isn't what it used to be !

I have this entire set, with the tin they came in, but I have never seen any singles before.

Just some cards that caught my eye and a few oddballs for my sample collection

The Boggs 3000th hit was a HR in Cleveland.

This was an interesting set from Hillshire Farms/Kahn's meats, released as a mail-in offer in 1989.

It's missing the Cool Papa Bell and Bob Gibson cards. Anyone happen to have them ??!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Vintage goodness from the Troll

Just about everyone reading this should be familiar with the Troll over at Collective Troll.

I've dealt with him before, as many of you have, and I've never had any regrets.

He was itchin' to complete his 2011 Allen and Ginter set and I had a few cards he needed, so we worked out a small trade.

He had one extra Allen and Ginter Triber, Chris Perez. He has a done a decent job for Cleveland this year.

A little shaky at times, but overall very good.

Then came the vintage ! A half dozen sweet 1963 Topps Indians. These are some of the guys I grew up with. I was 12 during the '63 baseball season and I remember all of these Tribers on the field.

Next, another very nice '63, Bob Allen.

I only have one 1965 Indian and that is Max Alvis, so The Troll really helped me here. The '65's are really nice cards too.

Like I said, it was a small trade but none the less a very good one.

Thank you very much Mr. Troll !!

You half of the trade went in the mail today.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 Obak and Topps Stickers Want List

There hasn't been a whole lot of discussion on either of these products but I like them both and here's what I need !

2011 Obak Base







2011 Topps Stickers


56,63, 101,114,115,126,



Monday, September 12, 2011

Shiny Chrome for trade.

Earlier today, in a comment, I said I would post the 2011 Topps Chrome I have to trade.

Here they are !

# 118


#38 Refractor

#116 X-Fractor

From left to right, top to bottom

#5, 13, 70

#81, 91, 131

#142, 152,154

I would really like to trade these for Indian equivalents.

But I may consider others.

Any chrome for any chrome.

Any refractor for any refractor.

Don't be afraid to ask !!

No apples for oranges though !

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remember 911

We may stumble but we will never fall.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I won !! Cheap Card Collecting contest

I never knew the number 8 was lucky for me. I may have to include that in a lottery drawing.

There seems to be a lot of contests over at Cheap Card Collecting. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time a few weeks ago.I rarely win anything but since 8 is apparently my lucky number, this time I did !

There weren't any Tribe cards involved, but I can hardly complain about all the shininess I received in the mail today. Starting with these two X-Fractors.

A couple regular Topps Chrome Refractors.

My first two 2010 Bowman Refractors, including the blue Drew Butera below.

And not 1. Not 2. Not 3. Not 4. But 5 Topps refractors from the 2010 value packs.

I had had a rather bad day today, but finding this on the counter when I got home made it much better !! Thank you very much !!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Baseball and Tribe Memorabilia - Thank you Good Will and Half-Priced Books

My wife and I both know we should never go there. Aisle after aisle lined with items we want to take home with us. Most are such a bargain it's hard to pass up anything. But it's so darn easy to get carried away ! If you've never been there, BEWARE ! At least, if you like books.

Half-Price Books !

We walk in and the big sign hits us.

Labor Day sale - 20% off everything.

Well, that can be good or bad.We'll either save 20% or buy 20% more than we would have.

Now I stand, drooling, in front of the baseball book section. Looking up and down at all the titles I'd like to have in my bookcase at home. Then reality sets in and this is what I ended up buying.

Mint Condition

This is a relatively new book. Copyright 2010 by Dave Jamieson. Dave is an award winning author, Livingston Award for Young Journalists and Sidney Hillman Foundation's Sidney Award. He has written for the Washington Post and other papers. He was also a baseball card collector as a young boy in the late 80's. He rediscovered his cards in 2006 and couldn't wait to cash them in. After all, they should be worth a fortune by now, right ?

We all know the answer to that. So he went on to try and figure out what happened to the hobby while he was gone. This was all in the introduction. The first chapter starts with tobacco cards. That's where I will resume reading later tonight.

Indians on the Game

This 140 page paperback is chock full of questions about all aspects of baseball. Hitting, pitching, running, being on the road, families and about 35 other categories. The answers come mostly from Cleveland Indian ball players, past and present. At least up to 2001 when it was published.It should be very interesting.

Curses !

Foiled again ! Especially after today's loss to Detroit. This book is pretty self explanatory. It may be pretty painful to read.

Autumn Glory

History of the game. That's what I really like ! Published in 2003, Autumn Glory tells the story of the first World Series games between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Boston Americans in 1903. Can't wait to get started on this.

$14.00 so far, before the 20% off.

Now to Good Will !

Indians Illustrated

My wife actually found this book on one of the carts full of items waiting to be put out on the shelves. I saved one worker the time of putting this on the shelf in the book section. $6.00. Half Price Books had two copies @ $14.95. Thank you very much wifey dear !

This is a large format book. Approximately 11" x 10" and just over 200 pages with 240 BW photos in chronological order from a 1904 team photo to the Alomar brothers. This book has some incredible photos and I may have to do a separate post on it alone.

Ya Gotta' Believe

I know, I know, this isn't Tribe related. When it comes to books I read anything related to baseball. This should be a good read also. There is a pretty good story here. The cost : 4 bits ! This was in a marked down area for just 50 cents !

Next I picked up a couple of Norman Rockwell prints. There again, not Tribe related, but very rich in history. I love all of his work. Who couldn't?

But I can't see if I put that mask on !!

The old guy was a sucker for a slider on the outside corner !

The last two items were stadium give-a-ways but I was too old. My wife tried to tell them I was really just a big kid but they wouldn't buy it !

This was just a generic fielders mitt.

This was the one I really wanted !

A Victor Martinez catcher's mitt !

Well, that pretty much sums it up for this time.

I make weekly stops at three local Good Will stores searching more treasures !

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The trading box is back from Things are Funnier Here

The trading box is back again. Actually it's been back since July. Sorry Julie for such a long delay. There's been a lot going on in my life lately (all good !) and I'm very far behind in the blogging world.

The trading box is a concept I have used on a couple of occasions. I sometimes have access to these small boxes at work. They are perfect for shipping out about 50 or so cards. I send it out full of cards of your favorite team/player or cards from your want list. You look over what I send, refill the box with with cards you think I will like and we're all happy !

Julie, over at Things are Funnier Here, and I were discussing a single card trade. We decided to make it a bigger trade so I suggested my trading box. She liked the idea and here is some of the great stuff she sent back.

I'm always happy to receive any Indian cards. Julie sent a wide variety. I love this top card with Sizemore and Hafner.

Some of the good ole' days here, with Thome,Visquel, Nagy and Brook.

If you look close at Hershiser's face, you'll see why they called him " Bulldog ". A very intense competitor. I also love the multiple image cards. I have a small collection of them from all different teams.

A little old and new here. I like Santana's expression too.

Mike Jeffcoat, rated rookie. My age is showing now. I remember when he came up.

Shiny is always good. Two hard playing guys here. Jason is really playing well this time up.

A lot of heritage. I like these cards as they remind me of my childhood days of collecting. Simple cards, simple photos. Just the facts, Jack !

C.C. has gone green ! And the X- Men are coming ! ( sorry, I'm gettin' tired here )

Talk about Sweet Spots ! The Rock and Bob Lemon. They don't come much better.

And now, the card that actually started this trade.

Josh Tomlin, Gypsy Queen auto. What a cool, crafty pitcher he had been this year. We are really missing him now.

Well Julie, thanks for the trade and all the cool cards ! As your note said, I'd be happy to trade again also.

If anyone else is interested in a Trading Box deal just let me know. I have 1,000's of cards to trade !

Thursday, September 1, 2011

RPOK from Tribecards

Anyone who is reading this probably knows of David, from the blog Indian Baseball Cards .

I didn't request a RPOK but he sent one anyway ! He's just that kind of guy!

There are about 40-45,000 Cleveland Indian cards out there that I know of.

David and I each have about 25% of those, so we're bound to have some duplicates that each other need. Of the cards David sent, these are the ones I needed.

I love team logo stickers ! This one I had never seen before. I also like the oddball items like these Fantasic Sam's and King B discs.

Some new players.

Some old players.

And a mixture of both ! I had the Baerga Red Hot Bazooka but not the Belle.

This was my first 1998 Indian Donruss die-cut.

Then there was this really great V Mart AS jersey card !

Thank you very much David !