Friday, February 25, 2011

Snowed - In Trade Reports

This is what I woke up to this morning !!

So I decided it's a good time to post a couple trades.

I called off work, but I do have some on line training classes I can take, so that's what I'll be doing when I get done here.

First up, a trade stack from Nachos Grande.

Fan O Reds hinted at the fact that this could be a very rare error card (note the missing foil) so my lightening fast, 60 year old reflexes grabbed it right up ! I was going to put it on ebay and hope to get $2-3,000.00 out of it but .......

Actually I was going to trade it to a certain Twins collector but he already had it !

He sent a very wide variety of Tribe cards.

From many different years and sets.

It's actually kind of exciting, like going through boxes at a card show !

This was nice !
This one will definitely help my Thome collection (Indian uniforms only) !
2008 Topps Moments and Milestones 06/25.

Thanks so much to Nachos Grande
for the great cards !

Next up, cards from Rhubarb_Runner
He would be the aforementioned Twins collector, so if he wants that "rare" Morneau sparkly error card to go with his collection,all he has to do is let me know !
I have some Topps Stadium Club Master Photo cards but I had never these from Toy's R' Us.

Plus he sent these regular sized Tribe cards to go with them.
I loved the 90's with all the odd-ball sets and crazy inserts !

Here's some older Indians.
I love the Ray Fosse.

Moving ahead in time to some 1992-3 Fleer.

Then a little sticker action.
Again, the odd balls.

This is a nice card, just a very bad picture.
(sorry,not sure what happened on these last shots, didn't notice until I started writing)
1996 UD Predictor Kenny Lofton Most Valuable Player

Not sure who's bright idea this set was, but I do want to get all of the Indian games.
I only have about 17 and I need all of these !

Now we're getting up to modern times.
I like the Upper Deck X.
It seems to be one of those sets that you either love or hate.

Now we're going to back-up again.
Yeah, I remember Municipal Stadium. But I wish I had been there to see this ....

It had to end sometime.

One last really great item !!

From 1964, a Jim "Mudcat" Grant Topps Coin.
I'm not sure just how many Indians there are in this set but I now have two.
The other one also came in a blogger trade !

Thanks to you too Rhubarb_ Runner, for the great cards!
And I'm looking forward to more trades also.

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  1. and I'll keep my eyes open for more of the UD Documentary Indians ;-)