Thursday, May 14, 2009


No, this is not a post about Jackie Robinson's uncanny ability to steal the dish. Or Kenny Lofton scoring from 2nd on a wild pitch. And I did not just install a high tech security system at our house.

Some of you may know I work for a Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealer in Sandusky,Ohio. Kasper CDJ. And if you live on earth or any of the surrounding planets, you know Chrysler and GM are closing many dealers. Chrysler made their announcement today and sent dealers a pink (obviously bad) or a white letter. Well, we got a white one !! Basically saying that they want us to be a part of the future and their new company.I really feel bad for all the ones who are losing their jobs and I don't know if this was really the best way to go and I certainly hope things turn around soon.

In other news , all of my 100th post free gifts have been mailed out. If you were on my list or requested one you will be getting it shortly if you haven't already. I also received a mailer from Duane at Democratic Roadkill today. It contained some very nice tribe cards and a couple stacks of UD Masterpieces. I'm also working on Masterpiece trades with several others.

Great Tribe win tonight !!! 3 for 4 ! AC, VM and Choo - all 4 for 5 .


  1. Glad you received good news. That's nice to hear.

  2. Thank you for the free gift! It was a wonderful surprise in my mailbox yesterday when I got home from a long day at work. I really like the few Tribe cards you sent along with the CD. Too bad the Indians could not have pulled a win for us last night. But this week is starting to show some glimpses of hope for us. Go Tribe!!

  3. Holy cow, a lot like opening the locker and seeing a red tag hanging there, eh? Glad to hear you're still going to be selling HEMIs for the forseeable future! :-)

    I'm looking forward to my giftpack!