Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013 Indian Tribe Fest , Autos and more ! Part 1

Last weekend the Cleveland Indians held their annual pre spring training Tribe Fest. It used to be known as a press tour, but has evolved into a terrific show for everyone.
First you need a ticket.
But it's only $10 a head.

Programs are free !
And they have a nice map inside.
 First up are autographs !!



The first three are mystery auto's.
I know who they are, do you !?

Here's a hint for the 3rd one.
Katie Witham, the Indian's gorgeous roving reporter !
My wife's comment was " She's young enough to be your daughter, maybe granddaughter!"
OK, and your point is ???

Back to baseball!
Come on guys, down here!

Jason Kipnis is becoming my favorite player.
If things go well this year, he will get his own album.
In other words, I want all the JK cards I can get !
I will work on a want list soon.


The drummer, John Adams, sits at the top of the bleachers at nearly every Tribe home game.
He has become an icon in Cleveland and has his own bobblehead.
Unfortunately, I wasn't at that game.

I'm not sure what happened with this photo. I had it correct in "my documents". It turned, in the transition to photo bucket. Went back to docs and turned it there. Still imported wrong !
The Cleveland Blues are a Vintage Baseball team.



They may add my oldest son to their roster !
I want to get to some of their games next summer.
There were also a lot of give-a-ways everywhere.
Player magnets.
Same size as baseball cards

3 1/2 x 6"  logo magnets
Mascot cards.
The Hot Dog race is a big part of every home game !

Mascot magnets, they were out of Ketchup.
And team schedules.
There's Kipnis again !!
Well, so much for part 1.
It's getting late here in Ohio.
 Next time we go into the inner sanctum.
The player's clubhouse !!


  1. Great stuff. "And your point is??" Well done.

  2. Oh, man, what a GREAT day! I have got to set it up so I can come to one of these some day!!

  3. St. Louis sells a three-day pass for $40 over MLK weekend, and autographs of anyone you have heard of are between $5-$75 each. The proceeds go to charity, so that's nice, but it'll be hard to get to something like that and make it worthwhile.

  4. Just saw John Adams on MLB networks Hot Stove... In 38 years of banging the drum he has missed like 36 games...total... truly amazing.

  5. Fantastic.

    And a fantastically fitting Indians Baseball (Grand)Dad sweatshirt you have there.

  6. Great haul! Katie Witham is hot!

    I've gotta get one of those John Adams bobbleheads.