Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yankees vs Indians - There's always fireworks !

The 4th of July in Cleveland !

The Yankees are in town.

They're going to wish they had stayed home !

The wind was blowing the big flag in from right center field.
This could be a pitcher's game.
We were sitting in the upper deck behind home plate and the wind was really swirling by us.Even the hungry birds were having trouble navigating.

The big flag comes out and we are getting ready to to rumble !

The Independence Day crowd was ready for a "W".

Josh Tomlin takes his warm-ups. This could be win #10.

Derek Jeter steps up to the plate with 2994 hits. He left the game with 2994 hits.

Tomlin no-hit the Bronx Bombers for 6 innings. Of course, we only had 1 hit. Then the wind died down. The 7th inning ended the no-no bid and gave the Yanks a 2-0 lead. The Tribe stormed back though, with some early fireworks, as Austin Kearns came to life with a 2 run blast to right. Carlos Santana added an insurance HR for a final score of 6-3 !!

The victory march, as the Tribe defeats the Yankees in the first game of this series.

As the bleachers were cleared, the crew started setting up for the fireworks display.

The was a 1/2 hour delay as they waited for the sun to go down ! I don't really know why the game was started at 6:30. Here we watched a post game interview with Kearns. He and Tomlin were the heroes today.

Next was a video review of Bob Feller's career with Cleveland.

There were many more scenes but they faded in and out and I couldn't really gets pictures of them all.

In the same fashion, there was a short history of Cleveland baseball. This was old League Park.

Then it got dark !

And the fireworks display began.

As usual, the display was much more impressive in person.

Thanks to Key Bank for the show and for this.....

..... Bob Feller "bronze" statue.

He stands almost 8" high and makes a very nice addition to my Tribe collection.

Hopefully the Tribe will continue with their winning ways tonight!


  1. Sounds and looks like a fun time was had.

  2. Man, those are some rockin' fireworks photos! Nice work! Lovin the statue, too! I may hit eBay to see what they are going for...