Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tribe Autographica

Autographs are always fun. I remember standing in a lot of lines with my sons and sometimes my wife who would graciously wait with us to get an extra one. The extra one was never to sell. Just an extra, maybe for a friend or for my collection. I hate it when people line up with items and you know they have no interest in the player or the autograph.They just want to resell it for profit. That makes it hard on us true fans sometimes. Anyway, the following are some of the auto's I have in my collection.

These plastic picture frames are great for displaying sports cards.
This 3-way holds Enrique Wilson, Casey Whiten and John Farrell as a Rated Rookie.
Enrique and Casey were pack pulls while John made an appearance at the Christmas Connection Show in Cleveland a few years ago.You could buy the cards there and he signed them for free.I bought three explaining that two were for my sons who weren't with us.I don't think he believed me as he made me tell him my name and the boys' names. Then he personalized each card,which was fine.

Aahh, the perfect game ! At least 100,000 people claim to have been there but even Municipal Stadium wasn't that big !

The one current Indian, Johnny Peralta, was doing a mall signing.The live auto is just a teeny bit different than Bowman's.

Einar Diaz was also a mall sign but the marker didn't like the shiny card too much.

A Jimmy Poole Leaf pack pull, which says San Francisco Giants on the side, but he is in a Tribe uniform.

This is a glossy 8x10 mall signing of Danny Graves.

Super Joe. 1980 ROY.

I had this 8x10 of Joe signed here....

at a Cleveland Tri -Star show. I saved the flyer I received in the mail and keep it with my Super Joe binder.

These two are a little fuzzy. Sorry. This is what Thome's auto looked like in 1993.
I worked at a Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealer in Shelby,Ohio where Jim purchased a new Jeep Cherokee. When he came to pick it up my wife brought our sons down to the store and he signed these McDonald's Kid Club cards for us.We had just been at a game a couple weeks earlier and saw Jim hit a home run !

This is another configuration of the plastic stand-up frames. This frame holds these....

Rapid Robert in his younger days ! He used to do a lot of mall signings and drug store promotions.

Another early, baseball card sized, sepia photo.

And finally a Topps HOF insert.

This was a Sporting News insert I had Mr. Feller sign.

And last, but not least, of Bob Feller's auto's is this program that has a very special meaning to me.This is from 1949 so the Tribe was the reining World's Series Champion. My Father had this program but I never knew about it until he passed away. I discovered in a dresser drawer in the basement of my parent's home when my Mother finally moved out. Bob signed it for me at a mall.

Autographs can be obtained on almost any type of object you can think of. I've shown cards, photos and books. You can also use bats, gloves, shirts and many other items. For my last item today I'm showing off a salsa jar !

Omar Veeeeskel !

While Omar played in Cleveland he had his own line of salsa. The mild variety I had was very good! He was doing a signing at Great Northern Mall in North Olmsted ,Ohio. I carried this jar around like it was my third child ! I was terrified I would drop it before I got to Omar (or even after) but we all made it home safely. Now I just need to get Pronk to sign his Big League Beef Jerky package and candy bar wrapper.


  1. That's a great collection of auto's. The two Bob Feller photos are really something!! I've never heard of anybody getting their salsa signed. haha. That's great. A really good story.

  2. Great autographes!! i really liked the salsa jar.... That was very smart of you! Plus anytime you can get Mr.Feller on a 49 program, wow!

  3. I love that 49 program. What a great thing to find.

    I actually have the exact same card autoed by Super Joe. I bought mine on eBay, though, so I'm just assuming it's legit. I figure that nobody's out there trying to strike it rich with fake Joe Charboneau autos.

    Have you ever done any through the mail? I keep thinking about it, but I'm really lazy.

  4. you know what know that i went to my autograph closet i came across a 1990 sports history mag with Rocky Colavito on the cover.... only one thing tho.... Its autographed by him with the ins. 4 HRs 6-10-59!! Well its up for trade if you want it... i'll post it on my blog as well that way you can see a picture of it. just let me know what you have extra of baseballs,etc.....

  5. Motherscratcher, I know a lot of people do TTM.I've heard stories about how the person you write to doesn't always actually sign himself.I'm sure that's not true in most cases, but to me personally, it just doesn't mean that much to me if I wasn't there.It's just the excitement of meeting the person and maybe having a short conversation. Oh, and the Clemente book,"Roberto Clemente- The Great One" 2001 by Bruce Markusen, is very good so far.Got it at "Ollie's" in Sandusky for $3.99.

  6. Holy CRAP! Those are awesome! In fackt im' gking tp naed s mrw krybaodr frm driolng si mytch...

  7. Hi...would you please email me your address? This is Patricia of Dinged Corners. nmboxer at yahoo yadayada.

  8. A signed salsa jar! Dont see that every day...!